Sample Tweets for Tax Return Preparers


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#EITC: Get it and Get it Right. Visit #IRS


Preparers: Don’t let common errors delay your #EITC claim. Learn how to avoid common mistakes at


Fact: 1 out of 4 #EITC claims have errors, don’t risk refund or penalties, get the facts before filing EITC. Visit


Look out for common #EITC errors: Watch Tax Tales: The Case of the Missing Ledger,


Learn the 4 basics of #EITC_DueDiligence. Watch the case for #EITC_DueDiligence:


#EITC_DueDiligence online training…It’s free and may qualify for CE credit.


#EITC_DueDiligence: Know the law. Ask the right questions. Get the facts. Ensure accurate returns.


Tax Preparers: Exercise #EITC_DueDiligence Avoid the consequences and penalties.


Preparers: Use tax preparation software as a tool, not a substitute for knowing #EITC rules. Get the facts at


Preparers: Avoid Penalties. Remember to attach #Form_8867 with each #EITC return. #EITC_DueDiligence


Avoid Penalties. Attach Form 8867 with each #EITC return to meet #EITC_DueDiligence requirements.


Don’t doubt, check it out. Determine #EITC_DueDiligence questions you need to ask and record at EITC Central


Don’t doubt, check it out. Determine who qualifies for #EITC and meets the tests when claiming a qualifying child at


Find online #EITC information in Spanish at #IRS


Life changing events such as family, income or employment status could qualify some workers for #EITC. #IRS


Claiming #EITC or child tax credits this year? Get the facts before preparing a tax return, visit #IRS


Sample EITC Tweets for Use Anytime, Sample EITC Tweets for use before and on Awareness Day or See Spanish Tweets

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