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We are moving EITC Central to a new platform. Good news...we are adding a new tab to help you get the news out about other refundable credits and help you prepare tax returns and reporting forms for these credits.

Bad news...this location is only temporary and the URLs or web addresses will change for many pages on our site including this one.
More good news...the URL for the EITC Central welcome page will not change, so bookmark We expect the move to begin in mid-July and be complete by September 30, 2013.

EITC and Refundable Credits Office at the Tax Forums

Our office will present two seminars at the Nationwide Tax Forums this year:

· Child Related Tax Benefits

· Keeping Up with EITC Due Diligence

Find out more about the Nationwide Tax Forums and how to join us.

Child Related Tax Benefit Tax Forum Presentation

See our supplement to the Child Related Tax Benefits tax forum presentation. It tests your knowledge of the right questions to ask your clients to make sure they get all the credits they deserve. 


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