EITC Key Communication Messages

Here are the key messages for the 2015 filing season. This year the messages center on reaching those who are eligible for EITC, encouraging workers to find out if they qualify by using the newly revamped EITC Assistant, leading taxpayers to other resources to determine if they qualify and help prepare their return, and advise them if they get it wrong; it may cost them. Also, we remind those who qualify for EITC to checkout the additional child tax credit and those without a qualifying child that they may qualify for the EITC as well.

2015 Filing Season EITC Key Messages


EITC: Get it, and get it right

Don’t let EITC errors cost you money

Don’t guess about EITC eligibility; find out with the new and improved EITC Assistant, only at IRS.gov

Choose your tax preparer wisely; EITC errors are costly

Qualify for EITC? See if you also qualify for the Additional Child Tax Credit

Single? No children? EITC still may work for you

You work? Now put EITC to work for you

Free EITC help is available


Mensajes claves para 2015


EITC, obténgalo, y hágalo debidamente!


No permita que errores con el EITC le cuesten dinero.


No adivine si es elegible para el EITC; averígüelo con el nuevo y renovado asistente EITC, sólo en IRS.gov


Elija a su preparador de impuestos cuidadosamente; los errores de EITC pueden salir caros.


¿Califica para el EITC? ¿Vea si también califica para el crédito tributario adicional por hijos?


¿Soltero? ¿Sin hijos? Aún podría calificar para el EITC


¿Trabaja? Haga que el EITC trabaje para usted


Hay ayuda gratis para el EITC


Additional EITC Reference Material

  •  EITC Fast Facts - facts you can use in letters to local editors, newsletter articles, feature stories or on websites and Facebook pages. And facts you can rely on as accurate.
  • Tips for Writing a Feature Story - see our handy tips for writing your own feature story with links to important facts and statistics to help.
  • EITC Statistics by State - find the number of EITC Claims, the total EITC amount paid and the average amount paid per claim for tax returns filed during the year.


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