PSAs--Video, Audio and Print Files

TV PSAs and Videos

Bring to your local news or public access cable channels or use as continuous clips on your office and/or waiting room video equipment


Moneygami: 30 second video (wmv format)

Moneygami: 30 second video (mov format)

EITC Graphic Video - Coming Soon!

EITC Tax Tips video - Coming Soon!

See If You Qualify for the Earned Income Tax Credit - Coming Soon!

All IRS Videos (CC) on YouTube



Moneygami 30 second video (wmv format)

Moneygami 30 second video (mov format)

Crédito Tributario por Ingreso del Trabajo - Coming Soon!


American Sign Language

Earned Income Tax Credit - Coming Soon!



Radio PSAs and Audio Files

Bring the files to your local radio stations. Download IRS to your desktop, portable music player or smart phone. Or, play over your audio systems for your customers.  


EITC Assistant :30 second Radio PSA (MP3 format)

30 second audio (Mp3 format)


Print PSAs

Put in your newsletters, hang in your office, or ask local weeklies or monthlies to include in their publication.


Moneygami car 11X17 flat

Moneygami umbrella 7X10 flat


Moneygami car 11X17 flat

Moneygami umbrella 7X10 Flat

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