Leslye Baronich, Acting EITC Director, invites you to join us on EITC Awareness Day

Hi, I'm Leslye Baronich, director of the earned income tax credit program at the internal revenue service.
I want to thank you for making EITC awareness day 2012 such a huge success. I hope that you will mark your calendar and join us  again on January 25, 2013 for the seventh annual EITC awareness day...a day set aside to increase awareness of EITC by generating nationwide print, TV, radio and social media coverage about this important tax credit.
Last year, you -- our partners -- generated more than 70 percent of the news coverage that day with news conferences, social media engagement, and news releases issued nationwide. Many more sent letters to their local papers and also tweeted messages on twitter!
These achievements were monumental in spreading the message about EITC. However, your participation is needed this year and every year because almost a third of those who qualify to receive EITC are new each year as people move in and out of eligibility. Those who qualify, need to know that EITC can make their lives a little easier and some could see an increase in their refund anywhere from $1 to $5,891.00. But to get the credit they must know about it and file a return to claim it. So I invite you to join us on January 25, 2013.
Your continued support is needed in spreading the word about this valuable tax credit. EITC central has many resources available to support your efforts on EITC awareness day, including audio and video PSAs, on hold messages, tweets and more. We encourage you to use these tools to help us reach the 1 in 5 EITC eligible who qualify but don't claim the credit.
So, please, mark your calendar now and plan to join us and other interested parties on January 25, 2013. We look forward to partnering with you.

I'm Leslye Baronich. For more information on earned income tax credit, please visit... W-w-w-dot-e-i-t-c-dot-i-r-s-dot-gov.


Page Last Reviewed or Updated: 01-Oct-2013