EITC Key Communication Messages

These are the key messages for the 2016 filing season. The messages center on reaching those who are eligible for EITC, encouraging workers to find out if they qualify by using the EITC Assistant, leading taxpayers to other resources to determine if they qualify and for help to prepare their return. We also have messages to  advise them if they get it wrong; it may cost them. This year we added more information targeting other refundable credit-- the additional child tax credit, the American Opportunity Tax Credit and the Premium Tax Credit.

2016 Filing Season EITC Key Messages

EITC: Get it, and get it right. Visit IRS.gov.

Don’t guess about EITC eligibility. Use the EITC Assistant to find out.

Qualify for EITC? Check out the EITC Assistant.

Single? No children? See if EITC works for you.

You work? Now put EITC to work for you.

Earned Income Tax Credit? Don’t guess. Know. Check out the EITC Assistant.

Avoid EITC errors. Know if your children qualify.

EITC errors can cost you. Choose your tax preparer wisely.

Help your preparer get you the EITC you earned.

Expect your preparer to ask questions to get your EITC right.

Choose your tax preparer wisely. EITC errors are costly.

Free Tax Help

Free tax preparation and help is available. Find out if you quality for EITC and other tax credits.

Other Refundable Tax Credits

Qualify for EITC? See what other tax credits are available.

Child Tax Credit and Additional Child Tax Credit

Did you have foreign earned income?  See these rules that apply to individuals who choose to exclude foreign earned income.

Have a child under 17? Check to see if you are eligible to claim the Child Tax Credit.

Does your child or children qualify you to claim Child Tax Credit? Find out by visiting IRS.gov.

Learn the rules for claiming Child Tax Credit for children who are adopted, have ITINs, or qualifying child for more than one person.

Eligible to claim the Child Tax Credit?  You must complete and include Schedule 8812 with your tax return.

Qualify for EITC? You may also qualify for Child Tax Credit and other tax breaks. Learn more at IRS.gov.

Education Credits

Don’t miss out on education credits - file Form 8863, Education Credits, to get the credit.

Claiming education credits you deserve – complete Form 8863 and attach with your tax return.

Are you eligible to claim education tax credits?

Be educated about education benefits - get the tax credit you deserve.

Tax Preparers

EITC due diligence. Get it right the first time.

Invest in EITC due diligence to avoid problems. Have more time to grow your business.

Avoid audits for you and your clients. Apply EITC due diligence.

EITC due diligence - Know the law. Ask the right questions. Document as you go.

Practice EITC due diligence to avoid common errors.

Review EITC Due Diligence requirements before the filing season starts.

Learn best practice interview techniques, take EITC Due Diligence Training.

Take EITC Due Diligence Training. Use best practice interview techniques.

Mensajes claves para 2016

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Additional EITC Reference Material

  •  EITC Fast Facts - facts you can use in letters to local editors, newsletter articles, feature stories or on web sites and Facebook pages. And facts you can rely on as accurate.
  • Tips for Writing a Feature Story - see our handy tips for writing your own feature story with links to important facts and statistics to help.
  • EITC Statistics by State - find the number of EITC Claims, the total EITC amount paid and the average amount paid per claim for tax returns filed during the year.


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