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  • EITC Awareness Day is January 29, 2016
  • IRS Education Credit Webinar
  • Connect Your Social Network to Increase EITC Awareness
  • Guide for Everything EITC for Individuals Online
  • Volunteer and Partner Outreach Corner on

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EITC Awareness Day is January 29, 2016

You make EITC  awareness day successful.  Can we have your support this year?

This is the 10th annual EITC Awareness Day. It’s successful every year. But, we still need your help to capture the attention of those eligible for EITC and motivate them to explore whether they qualify. Why?  Statistics show there is change every year in who is eligible for EITC. About a third are newly eligible each year. 

Let everyone know if they earned  $53,267 or less, they should see if they qualify for  EITC by using the EITC Assistant tool (available in January 2016).  It's easy to check eligibility to claim the credit. It is also important to point them to no-cost options for tax return help—volunteer tax assistance and Free File. Remember that volunteers are also trained to help with other credits, the child tax credit, the education credits and the premium tax credit.

Find out more about EITC Awareness Day but continue throughout this filing season to get the word out to those who qualify but don't file a tax return to claim the credit. Explore this site for ideas and the products you need to get the word out. Or, see our quick EITC outreach (pdf format) highlighting ideas and key products.

IRS Education Credit Webinar

Educators (colleges, universities, trade and technical schools), those who prepare the Form 1098-T and tax returns preparer., this webinar "Not Just College Credits; it's Tax Credits Too!" has good information for students, parents and college financial administrators. Learn about education credits and eligibility requirements along with information about the American Opportunity Tax Credits, Form 1098-T and much more. 

Connect Your Social Network to Increase EITC Awareness

Visit our social network page for grab-and-go social media tools including EITC tweets, banner ads, facebook ads, podcasts and more.

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Guide for Everything EITC for Individuals Online

Share this electronic guide for finding EITC information on line. Post it to your web site or email it to help your clients find the information they need to determine if they are eligible for EITC and to file accurate EITC claims. This publication describes a topic briefly and then provides a link to find more information. Download Pub 4935, Guide to Everything Earned Income Tax Credit for Individuals Online here.

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Partner Outreach Corner on

The IRS Partner Outreach Corner on offers you electronic communication materials to use in reaching out to the people you serve. Get free news you can use each month, targeted by time of year to coincide with what your customers, employees, volunteers, etc. need to know about new tax law legislation, IRS events and other activities that affect them. You can use these items on your websites, in electronic products, publications, etc. as needed. Visit  the  Partner and Volunteer Outreach Corner on

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