Employer Resources

Resources and Marketing Materials to help your employees get the EITC they earned at no cost to you

EITC Products to Display or Distribute to Your Employees


  • Payroll Stuffers
    • Pub 962, EITC stuffer, English version PDF or Pub 962 SP, EITC stuffer, Spanish Version PDF- the information on this two-sided  3.5 by 7 inch payroll stuffer or hand-out flyer is specific to the current tax year. It promotes awareness of EITC eligibility and where to find additional EITC information. 
    • Pub 962 ENG/SP - EITC stuffer PDF is English on one side; Spanish on the other - the information on this 3.5 by 7 inch flyer is not specific to the current year but has general EITC eligibility information. (This publication is also available in Braille and large-print versions, call 1-800-829-3676 to order the braille and large print versions).



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