Publications and Products

Download or view IRS publications specific to refundable credits, EITC, ACTC and AOTC .

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Technical Tax Law Publications 


Marketing and Educational Products

  • Pub 962, EITC stuffer PDFPub 962 SP, EITC stuffer PDF, (Spanish version) - the information on this flyer is specific to the current tax year. It promotes awareness of EITC eligibility and where to find additional EITC information. 
  • Pub 962 ENG/SP PDF, EITC stuffer (English on one side; Spanish on the other) - the information on this flyer is not specific to the current year but has general EITC eligibility information.
  • Pub 3211 English PDF, Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) Q&A - this electronic brochure is used as an educational tool at IRS Taxpayer Assistance Centers, seminars, workshops, businesses, libraries and other public places to promote awareness of EITC eligibility. 
  • Pub 3524, PDFEITC Eligibility Checklist - this publication is designed for distribution to tax return preparers and other tax professionals to use as an educational tool to explain EITC eligibility requirements to their clients. Also available in Spanish PDF
  • Pub 4298 PDF, EITC/E-file/Child Tax Credit (English/Spanish).  - this publication can be used to inform taxpayers of three IRS programs, EITC, E-file and the Child Tax Credit.
  • Pub 4687 PDF, EITC Due Diligence, Pub 4687 SP (Spanish) - This publication informs paid tax return preparers who file returns with claims for refundable credits of their due diligence requirements. It also provides information on avoiding common mistakes and locating resources to assist in meeting the requirements.
  • Pub 4716 EN/SP, PDF Be Prepared to Get the EITC You Earned, this publication informs taxpayers what information and documentation to bring when having their tax return prepared. The publication also informs taxpayers of the importance of providing accurate information to save time and reduce the chance of mistakes. 
  • Pub 4808 PDF, Disability and EITC Pub 4808 SP (Spanish)  - This publication provides examples of when persons with disabilities or persons who are caretakers of persons with disabilities are eligible for EITC. This publication promotes awareness of this important financial boost to individuals and families. We developed this publication based on suggestions from preparers, social benefits organizations and other organizations both internal and external.