What Can I Do to Protect my EFIN and PTIN?

Keep yourself and your practice safe from fraud. We have found unauthorized uses of EFINs, Electronic Filing Identification Numbers, and PTINs, Preparer Tax Identification Numbers.


To protect your practice, we suggest that you check your account to verify that you filed the number of returns showing under your EFIN. You can access your e-file information through e-services.

Report any misuse of your EFIN number by contacting the e-services Help Desk at 1-866-255-0654.

For more information about EFINs, see FAQs—About Electronic Filing Numbers


If you suspect someone else has used your PTIN, call the PTIN hotline at
1 877-613-PTIN or you can submit the Form 14157, Tax Return Preparer Fraud or Misconduct Affidavit.

More information on PTINs