Awareness Day

Awareness Day is an event organized by the IRS and its partners to educate the public about the EITC and requirements to claim the credit. The goal is to raise awareness of EITC to ensure every qualified worker claim and receive their EITC. We also ask you to join us in getting the right message out about the CTC/ACTC and the AOTC to the right people who deserve the credits.

EITC could put up to $7,430 into the pockets of eligible taxpayers (even more if they live in a state with a similar state credit). This is money taxpayers can use to make their lives a little easier now or money they can put away for a rainy day. But workers must file a tax return and claim the credit to receive it. And, that all begins with awareness of EITC.

Range of EITC for 2023 Tax Year

The amount of EITC is based on income, filing status, and the number of qualifying children.


Number of Qualifying Children For Single/Head of Household or Qualifying Surviving Spouse, Income Must be Less Than For Married Filing Jointly, Income Must be Less Than Range of EITC
No Child $17,640 $24,210 $4 to $600
One Child





$9 to $3,995


Two Children





$10 to $6,604


Three or More Children $56,838 $63,398 $11 to $7,430


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