State and Local Government EITC Programs

Those who qualify to claim EITC on their federal income tax return, may also be eligible for a similar credit from their state or local government. Twenty-nine states, the District of Columbia and New York City offer their residents an earned income or similar credit.

See Our page,  States and Local Governments that have EITC Programs for helpful links and more information. Please direct questions about eligibility or how to claim state or local credits to the listed state/local tax authorities.

Fed/State Activities

The IRS, states and local taxing authorities, and community organizations work together to increase awareness of, and participation in, both federal and local EITC. This is done through a combination of the annual EITC Awareness Day, publicity throughout the year, and through web sites of scores of organizations. Specific objectives of IRS activity with states are to:

  • Partner with all states to improve EITC participation, whether the states offer EITC or not.
  • Partner with states that offer a state EITC to develop joint EITC marketing and outreach campaigns and to support volunteer return preparation.
  • Promote joint Fed/State campaign messages, using the “Life's a little easier with EITC” key messages to increase strength of messaging.


The following are some non-government sites that provide additional state-related EITC information


Note: The city of San Francisco has a WFC, Working Families Credit. Part of the program is to actively promote the Federal EITC program. The State of Washington created a program to refund sales tax based on the eligibility requirements for the EITC. Go to Washington State Working Families Tax Credit for information about the credit.