AOTC Key Messages

These are the key messages for this filing season. The messages center on reaching those who are eligible for an education credit.

2018 Filing Season Education Credit Key Messages


Don’t miss out on education credits - file Form 8863, Education Credits, to get the credit.


Claiming education credits you deserve – complete Form 8863 and attach with your tax return.


Are you eligible to claim education tax credits?


Be educated about education benefits - get the tax credit you deserve


Don’t let errors filing for refundable tax credits cost you time and money


Choose your tax preparer wisely; errors can be  costly in time and money


Créditos por educación

  • No pierda los créditos por educación – presente el Formulario 8863, Education Credits (Créditos por educación), en inglés, para reclamarlos.
  • Reclame los créditos por educación que merece – complete el Formulario 8863 y adjúntelo a su declaración de impuestos.
  • ¿Reúne los requisitos para reclamar los créditos por educación?
  • Infórmese de los beneficios por educación – reclame el crédito que merece


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