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Four out of five workers claim and get the EITC they earned. We want to make sure all eligible workers do not miss out on thousands of dollars every year because they fail to claim EITC. Our goal is to reach out to potentially qualifying workers, educate them about the credit, and motivate them to file and claim it and get it. This includes workers who: 

  • Live in rural areas
  • Are self-employed or have income from a  farm or business
  • Are disabled
  • Have no qualifying child
  • Are not proficient in English
  • Are older (grandparents)
  • Have no filing requirement
  • Are recently divorced, have reduced income, are unemployed, or are experiencing other changes to their marital, financial, or parental status


This page has links to resources to help you spread the word about EITC both Reference Material and Grab and Go Products

Reference Material

The links below take you to specific resources to help you spread the word about EITC and make your efforts meaningful. Use bits of the information on your Facebook, websites or to create your own newsletter articles, feature stories, letters to the editor, and more:

  • EITC Key Messages - Using the same key messages makes our collaborative efforts more powerful.


  • EITC Fast Facts - facts you can use in letters to local editors, newsletter articles, feature stories or on websites and Facebook pages. And facts you can rely on as accurate.



  • EITC Statistics by State - find the number of EITC Claims, the total EITC amount paid  and the average amount paid per claim.


Grab and Go Products


  • Newsletter Article - use this article in newsletters, electronic platforms and other communication vehicles to help reach individuals who are eligible for EITC. Or, use as an example to help you create your own articles.   


  • News Release--Just copy and paste these news releases or use as samples to create your own.



  • Help spread the word by posting an EITC Banner Ad on your website or on your other social media such as Facebook.

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