Other Refundable Credits Toolkit

This new toolkit is for our valued IRS partners-social organizations, colleges, universities, trade and technical schools, government agencies and offices, cities and municipal agencies, tax preparers and more. The toolkit brings you tools and resources for other refundable credits along with the Additional Child Tax Credit refundable portions. But, we also provide resources for Lifetime Learning Credit and the Child Tax Credit.

You can ensure those eligible receive the credits they deserve by keeping informed and using the latest tools for marketing, education and tax return preparation.

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What Can We Help You Find?

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Protect your clients by knowing the questions to ask to help your client's get the most out of refundable credits.

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Whether you are involved in education, interact with students or parents of students or are a tax return preparer, find out What You Need to Know about AOTC and LLC

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Child Tax Credit—CTC and ACTC

Whether you are a social or civic organization, a government office or agency, a county or municipal agency or a tax return preparer, find out What You Need to Know about CTC and ACTC


All the child related benefits have criteria that is similar but each has important differences, find out how to Avoid Common ACTC Errors

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