Choose A Tax Preparer Wisely

What to Expect from Your Preparer 

  • Your preparer will ask you multiple questions to determine your correct income, expenses, deductions and credits. Avoid an audit, additional tax, penalties or interest by giving your preparer all the needed information and answering all questions.
  • Your preparer should review your return with you before you sign. Remember you are responsible for what’s on your return so make sure you understand what’s on your return and that it is complete and correct before you sign. Never sign a blank form.
  • Your paid preparer must enter his or her Preparer Tax Identification number or PTIN and sign the return (returns prepared at a volunteer site should have the site identification number but the non-paid volunteer does not sign the return).
  • Your preparer should give you a copy of your return for your records that matches what you sign.


Find out more about choosing a tax preparer on; search “choose preparer.”


You can also use and share these IRS videos on YouTube:


Include the EITC Logo on Your Fact Sheet

Add the EITC logo with the "Life's Easier with EITC" tag line to your fact sheet. See our EITC Logo Guidelines to ensure you are using the logo properly and for directions on including.


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