Best Practices -- What We Can Learn From Others

You will find best practices from:


Best practices from financial institution partners:

  • Create teams to support EITC initiatives, i.e., non-banking taxpayers, homeowner IDA programs
  • Share stories (with permission) about customers who used their EITC to create assets
  • Attach IRS Publication 962, Earned Income Tax Credit (stuffer) to customers' deposit receipts
  • Offer free financial literacy classes
  • Sponsor or participate in Financial Fitness Fairs


Best practices from educational institution partners:

  • Distribute flyers to schools in low income areas
  • Offer student incentives for serving as volunteers at free tax return preparation sites
  • Promote EITC information at public events such as Kids Count Conferences, etc
  • Offer accounting students credit for making community presentations on EITC and other low income tax issues
  • Offer advertising/marketing students credit for creating awareness campaigns for local EITC coalitions
  • Promote EITC to working students with children through bulletin boards, flyers, student newspapers, etc.


Best practices from governmental agency partners:

  • Engage first ladies in communication activities
  • Include EITC messages in public assistance checks
  • Include an EITC message on Forms 1099 issued for tax refunds, unemployment, etc.
  • Include EITC messages in state employees' Forms W-2
  • Coordinate EITC communication activities among state agencies
  • Collaborate with other partners to promote state EITC credits in conjunction with the federal credit
  • Place EITC information on public transportation vehicles and at bus stops
  • Encourage public utilities to include EITC messages in winter bills


Best practices from volunteer and community organizations:

  • Coordinate local EITC coalitions
  • Work with children's policy/advocacy groups and legal services agencies to promote EITC to their clients
  • Make EITC a part of asset building workshops
  • Host educational events for human resources personnel
  • Partner with national foundations, i.e., Clinton Foundation
  • Coordinate informational fairs and other events to spread the word
  • Create and place EITC doorknob hangers on homes in low income neighborhoods


Best practices from large employers

  • Post information in lunchrooms and other employee gathering places
  • Include information on employee websites and in newsletters
  • Enable managers as communicators to carry the EITC message


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