Keep the EITC Message Alive Through the Filing Season

There are many ways to continue EITC outreach after Awareness Day, including:

Leverage opportunities in your local office(s)

  • Place a message on your telephone system for callers placed on-hold (find samples in English and Spanish)
  • Place posters in waiting areas. You can co-brand with the IRS EITC campaign using Marketing Express
  • Inform your staff about EITC and encourage them to alert clients and customers about the credit
  • Include an article in your newsletters

Use social media and your own website:

  • Blog about EITC
  • Use Twitter
  • Place a banner on your website
  • Place information on your website

Work your local media

  • Contact TV news directors and/or consumer reporters and pitch the EITC story
  • Contact editors at daily and weekly newspapers and pitch the EITC story
  • Contact programming directors at radio/TV/cable stations, ask for time on community programs
  • Contact talk radio stations and offer to appear on call-in shows
  • Identify EITC champions (EITC recipients, financial institutions, school officials, ministers, college coaches, pro athletes, other well-known personalities, etc.) to serve as spokespersons to tell the EITC story
  • Provide EITC public service messages to cable TV stations
  • Produce public service announcements in partnership with EITC champions, EITC partners and supporting radio/TV/cable stations
  • Solicit sponsors for EITC newspaper ads
  • Ask local media to include an EITC message on their websites
  • Include Hispanic, Chinese, and other ethnic media in your campaign

Maximize use of established community communication channels:

  • Ask shopping malls and other merchants to promote EITC on signs
  • Ask schools, Head Start programs, and child care facilities to alert parents
  • Ask employers to alert employees through paychecks, bulletin boards, etc.
  • Ask county extension services and other partners to include in their newsletters
  • Ask libraries to promote EITC through signs and children's reading programs
  • Ask food banks, shelters, women's crisis centers, etc. to share EITC information with their clients
  • Ask fast food restaurants to include a message on their tray liners
  • Place posters in supermarkets and money transfer offices

Piggyback on current community events, such as:

  • Financial seminars
  • Community service fairs
  • Events for expectant mothers
  • Faith-based fairs and happenings
  • Food drives and distributions
  • "No child left behind" activities
  • Kids Count conferences
  • Martin Luther King Day, President's Day, Mardi Gras, St. Patrick's Day and other parades and celebrations


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