EITC Awareness Day

Join us for EITC Awareness Day, January 29, 2016!

Each year IRS invites community organizations, elected officials, state and local governments, schools, employers, and other interested parties to join a national grassroots effort on EITC Awareness Day to spotlight EITC. IRS estimates four of five eligible taxpayers claim and get this important credit. Help ensure everyone gets the EITC they earned.  Best of all, EITC is a financial boost for working people and your local economy.  Watch this site as we continuously add products and tools ready for your use to join us for our 10th Annual Awareness Day!

Reaching Out!

We need your help to capture the attention of those eligible for EITC and motivate them to explore whether they qualify. We also want to lead them to no-cost options for tax return help--volunteer tax assistance and Free File, direct them to additional credits they are entitled to, and make sure they get it right.

Join us in getting the word out to those who qualify but don't file a tax return or miss the credits they deserve. Explore our Partner's Outreach Toolkit for ideas and the products you need to get the word out. Or, see our Quick EITC Outreach kit highlighting some ideas and our key products.

There are millions of workers who miss out on the benefits of EITC each year either because they are newly qualified or don’t otherwise need to file. That is why this day is so important in reaching the one in five eligible workers who could but do not claim the credit.

Many tools and resources are available to support you:

More Resources:

See our Basic Marketing Materials for more products and ideas.--news releases, how to tips on writing a feature story or letters to the editor, and more.

See our Tried and True Tips for keeping taxpayers informed and raising their awareness of this very important credit 

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Find out how you can get involved in your community and increase EITC Awareness:

Contact your IRS relationship manager or e-mail us at partner@irs.gov
If you are affiliated with the government, see the Governmental Liaison contact page for more information


EITC Awareness Day Vision Statement

EITC Awareness Day is a one-day blitz in mainstream and social media -to reach the broadest possible range of potentially-eligible taxpayers, including taxpayer segments we believe under claim EITC and newly eligible for the credit.

EITC Key Messages

EITC: Get it, and get it right. Visit irs.gov/eitc.


Don’t guess about  EITC eligibility. Use the EITC Assistant to find out.

Qualify for EITC? Check out the  EITC Assistant,


EITC errors can cost you. Choose your tax preparer wisely.


Qualify for EITC? See what other tax credits are available.


Single? No children? See if EITC  works for you.


You work? Now put EITC to work for you.


Free tax preparation and help is available. Find out if you qualify for EITC and other tax credits.

Key Messages Available in Spanish Here 2016 message coming soon.

Our 2016 filing season products will soon include our fresh key messages. See our Basic Marketing Materials for more ideas on using the key messages or for tips on writing a feature story.




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