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Did you know that workers in your community can receive up to $6,557 by claiming EITC, Earned Income Tax Credit, on their 2019 tax returns? Think of the financial boost EITC provides to your local community and the impact that influx of cash brings to your local economy*.

Four out of five working people who qualify for EITC file and claim it. But, many miss this opportunity to boost their income. Each year there is about one-third turnover of taxpayers who qualify for EITC. Workers move in and out of EITC eligibility based on their filing status, number of qualifying children and their financial situation. This requires continuous promotion of this beneficial credit.

How Can You Help Get the Word Out?

By working together and reaching out to eligible citizens in your community, we can ensure more money is available to members of your community by bringing EITC dollars into your local economy. Help inform your residents who have earned income about EITC through both widespread and targeted communications. And, help the eligible members of your community get the benefit they earned.



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Workers must have earned income to qualify for EITC

Earned income is taxable income received by working for someone or running one's own business or farm. Find out what is and what is not earned income on

And, find out more about EITC, who's eligible, and who is missing the credit here

MAPP, Municipal Agency Partnering Program

IRS established MAPP, Municipal Agency Partnering Program, to expand GL's mission of governmental partnering and data sharing with city and county agencies. MAPP is about the mutual sharing of information that aids both compliance and customer service. Programs like MAPP augment IRS's tax compliance processes by leveraging resources which helps reduce the tax gap. Learn more about the program here.

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with other government agencies, municipal offices, and social organizations in your community who promote EITC. Find out how; email:


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