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With your help, we can deliver this EITC money to your residents who have earned it. And, EITC is not just a boon to the people and working family it goes directly to; it also helps boost your local economy. Alan Berube of the Brookings Institution raises some key issues in his report, Using the Earned Income Tax Credit to Stimulate Local Economies, on how EITC provides this boost to your local economy:


  • For many low-wage workers, the tax refund which includes EITC is the largest payment they receive all year.
  • Surveys and federal expenditure analysis indicates most EITC recipients use the funds to meet short- to medium-term needs: buying clothes for their children, replacing old furniture and appliances, repairing a vehicle, going on a trip, or catching up on past-due rent and utility bills.
  • Spending EITC in the local area creates important ripple effects as dollars move among consumers, firms, and their employees.
    • The city of San Antonio estimates that each additional $1 in EITC generates a further $1.58 in local economic activity, and each additional $37,000 translates to one additional permanent job.1
    • A 2005 study in Baltimore found that EITC dollars generated nearly $600,000 in local income and property tax revenues.2

Revenue Agencies

If you promote your own, consider promoting federal credit at same time. The more dollars brought into your local economy, the more revenue you collect. And, remember if you don't have a local or state credit, the federal EITC still brings a lot of money into your community increasing the revenue you collect.

Targeted Messages:

  • If you earned less than $54,884 in 2018, find out if you qualify for EITC at EITC
  • If you qualify for (enter name of your credit), find out if you qualify for EITC at EITC

Real Estate or Housing Authorities

Reach out to those having problems paying their mortgage or keeping up with home repairs.


Targeted Messages:
  • Need helping paying your mortgage or for home repairs? If you earned less than $54,884 in 2018, find out if you qualify for EITC at EITC

EITC Key Messages:

Vendor regulatory and/or licensing agencies

Reach out to those who are self-employed and to employers.


Targeted Messages:
  • If your earnings from a business you own or from a farm is less than $54,884 in 2018, find out if you qualify for EITC at EITC
  • Do you hire someone to work for you? If they earn less than $54,884 during 2018, make sure they know about EITC. It can boost their income at no cost to you. Find out more at EITC

More Resources:

EITC Fast Facts - Facts you can use in letters to local editors, newsletter articles, feature stories or on websites and Facebook pages. And facts you can rely on as accurate.

EITC Fact Sheets - Pass along these fact sheets to keep members of your community informed. You can distribute electronically or on paper.  

Publications and Products - Download or view IRS publications specific to EITC.

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1Texas Perspectives, Inc., "Increased Participation in the EITC in San Antonio" (Austin, 2003).
2Jacob France Institute, "The Importance of the Earned Income Tax Credit and Its Economic Effects in Baltimore City" (University of Baltimore, 2005).