EITC Logo Guidelines

EITC Tagline

As a branding tool, the EITC logo pulls together EITC signature color and graphically illustrates the collaborative spirit of the IRS/EITC's mission. By using our logo, your message is instantly identified with IRS and the Earned Income Tax Credit.

  • Ensure that the logo is not combined with the IRS eagle symbol, the word Federal, or with other words or symbols that suggest a special relationship between the IRS and the logo user.
  • Ensure that text is not closer than 1/4 inch from the logo.
  • Ensure there are no additional words or symbols overprinted on the logo.
  • Ensure there is no change to the letter spacing or type style.


 Always print the logo as one solid color.

Contact us if you have any problems with or questions about the EITC Logo

To download the Logo, Right click on the image and choose "Save Picture as"