Tax Forums

2018 Nationwide Tax Forums

Plan now to attend the tax forums this summer. The forums begin in July in Atlanta continue through the summer and end in Orlando in September. Find more information about the tax forums here.

The EITC and Refundable Credit office is sponsoring the following seminar:

Get Ready for the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act New Due Diligence Requirements

This session will discuss new head-of-household requirements, the expansion of due diligence to returns claiming head-of-household filing status, changes to child tax credit, including the increase of the credit amount, new Child Tax Credit income phase-out limits and the Social Security number requirement. Check out this session to find out more about the new non-refundable Credit for Other Dependents and the repeal of personal and dependent exemptions. 

Plan to attend and watch this page for more information about your opportunities to provide your ideas, suggestions and feedback to the EITC and Refundable Credit office at the tax forums.


2017 Nationwide Tax Forums

The EITC and Refundable Credit office sponsored a seminar at the 2017 Nationwide Tax Forums. You can still take the seminars online for Continuing Education credit for a fee of $49.00 or audit the seminar for no charge. 

One Year Down, But Wait! There's More on Refundable Credits Due Diligence

Now that you've test-driven the new due diligence requirements and shared your experiences, can we talk? Let's take a deep dive into your most difficult due diligence scenarios. We'll give you practical interview techniques to allow you to cover the rules and exceptions to get it right for your clients and meet your due diligence. Let's get your client the credits they deserve and keep you out of trouble with the IRS.  Find out more or view the One Year Down, But Wait! There's More on Refundable Credits Due Diligence seminar here.


Watch the following training videos for you or your group. There is no CE credit for these videos. The videos describe various due diligence scenarios:

  • Videos one and two cover Schedule C issues.
  • Videos three and four cover relationship and residency issues.
  • Videos five (currently not available) and six cover other due diligence requirements. 


You can also download the seminar slides here.